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Welcome to the official website of Boston Rob Mariano! Boston Rob is the only four-time castaway on the hit CBS show, Survivor. He’s also appeared twice on The Amazing Race, along with his wife Amber, winner of Survivor: All-Stars (2004). In addition to these two monster reality shows, he has branched into hosting, developing and producing a wide variety of projects over the years. Besides the New England Patriots; the Boston Bruins, Celtics, and, of course, the Red Sox, Boston Rob loves playing poker, cooking, taking on new adventures, and raising his two beautiful daughters. For more on Boston Rob, check out his bio.

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From Mikala Anderson, Cape Town, South Africa

From: lots of fans ;)

A lot of people always ask what they can do to get on Survivor. Can you share some advice?  

First off I think the most important thing is for you to be yourself, there are all sorts of people that are cast on Survivor and most importantly they are looking for people who know who they are and are not trying to be someone they are not.  Keeping that in mind Survivor is above all a social game so they are looking for outgoing people with a sense of adventure that have a type A personality and are able to interact with others, they are not looking for shy, timid, quiet people.  Good luck and be genuine.

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